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Name Variations

  • sirataki
  • ito konnyaku
  • yam noodles
  • devil's tongue noodles
  • tofu noodles

About Shirataki

Wikipedia Article About Shirataki on Wikipedia

Konnyaku made in noodle form is called shirataki, appearing in foods such as sukiyaki and gyudon.

Thin, long, translucent noodles made from very fine strands of a gelatinous substance called konnyaku, which is taken from the "devil's tongue plant" (Japanese yam). Their texture is slightly rubbery and they do not have any flavor. The noodles will pick up the flavor of the broth or other ingredients in the dish in which they are simmered. They are available dried or packaged in water in a plastic casing that gives it a sausage-like shape. They are also found packaged in cans.

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